The lifestyle in Barcelona is filled with exciting nightlife, cultural events, attractions, fine food and great shopping.

People in Barcelona generally place equal importance on work and living well. Most stores and businesses in the city open around 9am or 10am and are open until late. The busiest time for restaurants in Barcelona is around 10pm, while clubs and bars can still be filling up well after midnight.

Evenings out in Barcelona often start with alfresco dining in the city squares or sundowners at the yacht marina, or a local chiringuito (beach bar). Afterwards, residents often proceed to trendy bars and clubs in areas such as Ciutat Vella, Eixample or nearby Port Olimpic which also hosts some of the best seafood restaurants in Spain.

There is plenty for tourist to see and do in Barcelona, with ballet, music, dance and opera performances at venues such as the Greek Theatre, the Joan Miro Foundation and the Liceu Opera House.

Given the city’s Mediterranean climate it is no surprise that life in Barcelona is often characterised by cafés, long lunches, late night parties, festivals and other outdoor attractions. tourist can also expect to soak up the sun along three miles (4.8km) of golden coastline.

The meeting point for Europe, the Mediterranean, and Northern Africa, Barcelona has become a melting pot of international cuisines and its own distinct flavours. The city is home to a host of world-class restaurants where tourist can sample a range of local and international cuisines. The Catalan capital also boasts an impressive offering of fresh seafood as a result of its exquisite coastal position.

Those looking to experience traditional Catalan cuisine will be delighted by the scores of tapas bars and traditional eateries dotted in and around the city. Eating out forms an essential part of its culture and an authentic Barcelona experience would be incomplete without sampling delectable regional specialities such as crema catalana, paella, and sangría.

The nightlife in Barcelona is as varied as it is famous. With a workday that usually ends at around 8pm, most restaurants and bars are at their busiest late in the evening. Residents have a wide selection of choices when it comes to nightclubs and bars in Barcelona. Tourist can lounge around with a designer mojito at upmarket clubs or have a few drinks at a hole-in-the-wall pub. Both Las Ramblas – Ciutat Vella and the Eixample are packed with as many party goers at night as they are with shopaholics during the day.

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